Technology connects us. Embracing it should not be scary or expensive.

Susan and Raymond were lucky enough to have come of age right when the boom was starting, and both have loved learning new technologies. As a result, Yuen Designs can offer a mixed tool-bag of useful skills. We specialize in “quick & dirty” projects, using free or affordable tools. Whenever it gets more complicated than what we can handle, we are happy to refer you to a network of specialists who can take you to the next step.

Available Services

  • Simple Websites
  • Graphic Design
  • Basic Social Media tools
  • Start-up Branding (Logos, Letterhead, etc)
  • Salesforce Power of Us Program (Nonprofit CRM)
  • Database Set-up

Working with Us

If you are interested in engaging Yuen Designs in technology consulting, we will arrange for a 1-hour consultation, free of charge. If our skills match your organization’s needs, we will arrange for a time-limited contract, with specific deliverables.

Our consulting rates are based on a sliding scale, based on organization size. We will explain these rates on our first visit. At this time, Yuen Designs does not engage in pro bono consulting.

If you are interested in technology consulting, please contact us.

Image credits: Scott McLeod, OTA Photos, Kate Ter Haar, peter, mkhmarketing, all released under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 License.