My Dad, the Social Butterfly

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My Dad, the Social Butterfly

This morning I woke up early and managed to catch my Dad before he left for his morning routine. We had breakfast together, and he was lamenting the fact that he had made a mistake and double-booked himself over lunch.

He currently keeps three paper calendars: one that he keeps in his pocket, one on the wall in the kitchen, and one on the wall in the bedroom. His routine is to sit down to sync them once a month. But somehow the dentist appointment that he scheduled six months ago didn’t make it into the calendar that he was looking at when he booked lunch with a friend.

It’s not the first time this week that I’ve seen him a little stressed out about his crowded schedule. On Wednesday he did his usual morning exercises, had breakfast with my visiting Kaua’i cousins, attended a friend’s daughter’s birthday party at lunch, and still managed his weekly afternoon excursion with my niece and nephew in Wahiawā. He was worried that he couldn’t do it all, but the only thing he needed to skip was coffee with his buddies at McDonalds. As he told me about this over dinner that evening, I marveled that he had more appointments than I did that day. And I consider myself booked pretty solid whenever I’m here in town!

We proceeded to discuss cloud-based calendar syncing. I told my Dad how he could potentially replace his paper calendars because he already has an iPhone (in his pocket), an iPad (in the bedroom), and an iMac (in the kitchen). He was skeptical at first, but the idea of updating all his calendars at once really appealed to him. So we’re going to give it a shot.

Does AOL mail support calendaring? I’d better go check on that.

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